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Diploma in Oil & Gas Engineering

This Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering at Arrow Wings Academy is a comprehensive program designed to equip engineers with essential skills in welding inspection and piping inspection activities. Delve into both theoretical and practical aspects, with industrial visits serving as a major highlight of this course. Our certifications, recognized by  STED ensure industry relevance and credibility. Prepare yourself for lucrative career opportunities in the dynamic oil and gas sector with our specialized training program. Explore the world of Oil and Gas Industry learn about the increasing need for skilled workers, and dive into the course details. 

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What You'll Learn and Certification's you receive

The comprehensive curriculum, essential skills you’ll acquire and certifications you recieve in this course

STED logo, An accreditation Arrow Wings Academy has.
Sl No Modules
Piping & Pipeline Engineering (50 Hours)
QA/QC in Welding Inspection (50 Hours)
QA/QC in Painting Inspection (50 Hours)
NDT Level II - Including Advanced NDT (100 Hours)
Industrial Safety (25 Hours)
Soft Skill Development Training (25 Hours)
Sl No Certifications Issued
Diploma in Oil & Gas Engineering (STED)
Certification in QA/QC in Welding Inspection
Certification in QA/QC in Painting Inspection
Certification in Piping & Pipeline Engineering
Certification in Industrial Safety
Certification in Radiographic Testing (RT)
Certification in Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Certification in Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) - Advanced NDT
Certification in Eddy Current Testing (ET) - Advanced NDT
Certification in Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
Certification in Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)
*All NDT Level II Certificates will be attested by an NDT Level III Professional

Career Opportunities in Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas Engineering graduates step into a world filled with job possibilities, including roles in refineries. With specialized knowledge in welding and piping inspection, as well as other engineering principles, these professionals are sought after across the oil and gas sector. They can find work as production engineers, pipeline engineers, quality control inspectors, and project managers. These roles involve ensuring that oil and gas facilities run smoothly, maintaining safety standards, and overseeing vital aspects of production and distribution.

Man Painting Oil Storage Tanker for Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering Page

The field of Oil and Gas Engineering offers career prospects not just locally but also internationally. With the global demand for energy resources, graduates have opportunities to work around the world. They may join multinational corporations, engineering consulting firms, government agencies, or oil exploration companies operating on a global scale. This global perspective exposes them to diverse challenges and experiences, fostering their professional growth.

Oil Pipeline Picture for Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering Page

Additionally, graduates can explore emerging areas such as renewable energy and environmental sustainability. As the industry moves towards cleaner energy solutions and environmental conservation, there is a growing need for engineers with expertise in these fields. Opportunities in clean energy technologies, environmental impact assessment, and sustainable development initiatives await those who are passionate about shaping the future of energy production and protecting the environment.

Job Roles Awaiting Graduates

These are the potential Job Roles for Graduates of the  Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering course at Arrow Wings Academy can get hired for.

Trainee Production Engineer
Junior Pipeline Engineer
Assistant Quality Control Inspector
Trainee Project Coordinator
Junior Maintenance Engineer
Operations Technician
Graduate Process Engineer
Safety Assistant
Environmental Technician
Junior Facilities Engineer
Research Assistant
Technical Support Trainee



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