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PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course at Arrow Wings Academy is an intensive 6-month program recognized by the American Board of Education & STED. It equips students with essential knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic world of logistics and supply chain management. Through a blend of rigorous coursework, practical training, and industry insights, students gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and best practices in optimizing global supply chains. Upon completion, graduates are prepared to step into a myriad of exciting roles in logistics, procurement, operations, and more, with access to lucrative career opportunities in India and beyond. Explore the syllabus, career prospects, and job roles awaiting you in this transformative program.

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What You'll Learn and Certification's you receive

The comprehensive curriculum, essential skills you’ll acquire and certifications you recieve in this course

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Sl No Modules
Fundamentals & Planning for Logistics (40 Hours)
Transportation & Distribution Management (30 Hours)
Warehousing & Inventory Management (65 Hours)
Airline & Aviation Logistics (30 Hours)
Maritime Industry (45 Hours)
Accounting in Logistics & SCM (30 Hours)
Lean Supply Chain Management (100 Hours)
Supply Chain Model & Design (100 Hours)
Business Policies & Strategies (30 Hours)
Microsoft Office (20 Hours)
SAP - Material Management (70 Hours)
Soft Skill Development Training (90 Hours)
Sl No Certifications Issued
Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain
Management (STED/ABE/JAIN)
Certification in SAP - Material Management
Certification in MS Word
Certification in MS Excel
Certification in MS Powerpoint

Career Opportunities in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The surge in global trade and the flourishing e-commerce landscape is fueling unprecedented growth in the logistics and supply chain sector. In this era of expanding business horizons and cross-border transactions, mastering efficient logistics and supply chain management is imperative for companies seeking to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Logistics and supply chain management professionals are indispensable architects of streamlined product journeys, orchestrating seamless transitions from inception to delivery. Their duties encompass route optimization, inventory oversight, and orchestrating a symphony of operations to fulfill organizational aims efficiently.

As retail, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors undergo expansion, the call for adept logistics and supply chain practitioners intensifies. Arrow Wings Academy’s Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management stands poised to address this surge, empowering students with the requisite expertise and acumen for thriving careers within this ever-evolving industry landscape.

Job Roles Awaiting Graduates

These are the potential Job Roles for Graduates of the PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course at Arrow Wings Academy can get hired for.

Project Planner and Implementer
Purchase/Sourcing Manager
Vendor Development Coordinator
Process Manager
Warehousing & Distribution Supervisor
Inventory Control Specialist
Supply Chain Management Solution Designer
Network Planning Analyst
Logistics Manager (Freight & Transportation)
Supply Chain Manager (SCM)
Human Resources Officer (Specializing in Logistics)
Transportation Sector Coordinator
System and Technology Implementation Specialist
Project Planner and Implementer
Logistics Coordinator
Inventory Assistant
Warehouse Associate
Procurement Assistant
Supply Chain Analyst
Transportation Coordinator
Operations Assistant
Distribution Clerk
Freight Forwarding Assistant
Customer Service Representative (Logistics)


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