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World Human Resource Development Education (WHRDE)

World Human Resource Development Education (WHRDE) is an autonomous body, which is a recognized and registered NGO under the Government of India for Human Resource Development. WHRDE is an esteemed organization for a spectacular development in bringing up the Technical & IT industry in the country with its significant contribution to Hardware, Software, Application Development, Research Program, Project Guidance, Marketing, Technical and Computer Education, Self-Education in Self-employment Scheme, Literacy and Teachers Training all over the country at all social level and mobilize people to participate actively in the development program of the Government. 

STED Council

We the STED COUNCIL (Scientific & Technical Education Development Council)  one of the legal status of the growing body entrepreneurship in India established in 2005 which is the No.1, Genuine, Trusted, Reputed, Unique, Top Level National Autonomous Certification franchise brand in India for I.T, HRD, Technical, Skill Advancement Literacy Programmes. It works on not for profit basis. STED COUNCIL has started Computer, I.T, Technical & Skill Advancement training awareness Programme in the non-formal learning Sector to eliminate the prevailing burning problem of unemployment. 

Rashtriya Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (RSSA)

Rashtriya Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (Regd.) provides several programs which aim to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to organize and manage modern IT effectively.  The main purpose is to help students to cultivate techno skills, self-knowledge, and self-confidence so that each student can make himself stand in this competitive world with Professional skills. Whereas our mission is to make students’ personalities in such a way that our students will be shining examples of knowledge awareness and its beneficial consequences to the individual and to society.

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