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Arrow Wings is a premier educational institution dedicated to developing skilled professionals by the most recent industrial requirements. Our world-class faculty teaches all major engineering courses, including Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering, Mechanical QA/QC, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, MEP, and others. Through advanced learning, academic excellence, practical know-how, and corporate exposure, we aim to train young minds to overcome difficulties.



Diploma in Oil and Gas Drilling Technology

Oil industry or Oil Patch, includes the global processes of Exploration, Extraction, Refining, Transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and Marketing of Petroleum products. The largest volume products of the industry are fuel oil and gasoline (petrol). Petroleum is vital to many industries and is necessary for the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current configuration, making it a critical concern for many nations. Oil accounts for a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption. The petroleum industry refines crude petroleum and processes natural gas into a multitude of products.


Diploma in Construction Management

In construction, civil engineers may work for a contractor to create the built environment, transforming engineering and architectural design drawings from paper to reality. They are involved in projects of every size and complexity from airports, bridges, and tunnels to local roads and the water and wastewater lines to our homes. The core civil engineering curriculum provides an excellent foundation for the critical thinking necessary to work in the construction sector. Additional classes in project management, safety, scheduling, estimating, and risk management are recommended.


Diploma In Oil and Gas Engineering

The training provides a very in-depth knowledge required for engineers in both welding inspection and piping inspection activities. The theoretical and practical sides of industrial visits are the major point of attraction of this course. Students are provided with a certificate that can be embassy attested which enables them to go abroad. After the completion of the course, they can enter into various designations such as quality control engineer and quality control inspectors which enables them to build up a lucrative career in the area of inspection. In the global Oil and Gas Industry pipelines are lifelines in providing economically reliable means to transport oil and Natural Gas from Upstream Production to downstream refineries power stations and markets, crossing nations, oceans, and continents. This course introduces the key topics contained in the discipline of pipeline engineering design such as the design of process piping requirements, pipe design calculations, flow diagrams and isometric drawings.


Diploma in MEP Engineering

MEP engineering is the science and art of planning, designing and managing the MEP systems of a building. An MEP design company specializes in those skills. Also known as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering consulting firms, they are important across all stages of the construction process. They assist with decision making, cost estimation, construction administration, documentation, building management, and building maintenance.



Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

One of the leading logistics Institutes in Kerala offers the best and the most comprehensive training for Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics Management. Institute offers you the best Post Graduate courses in the field of logistics and supply chain management. You are trained to gain the specialist skills you need to enter the logistics sector. Upon successful completion of PG Diploma in Logistics Management students will have to complete practical job knowledge on the entire spectrum of logistics activities. Apart from regular curriculum, we offer more to make our students industry ready in an attractive and best available way.

Courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

1. Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

2. PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management



Ethical hacking (Starting soon)

Ethical hacking is a subject that has become very important in present-day context, and can help individuals and organizations to adopt safe practices and usage of their IT infrastructure. Starting from the basic topics like networking, network security and cryptography, the course will cover various attacks and vulnerabilities and ways to secure them. There will be hands-on demonstrations that will be helpful to the participants. The participants are encouraged to try and replicate the demonstration experiments that will be discussed as part of the course.


Cyber security (Starting soon)

Cyber Security programs will help you master Cybersecurity which is a form of protection offered to connected systems such as mobile devices, servers, programs, and networks from malicious cyber-attacks. Cyber Security course will help you upskill yourself so that you can excel in your career and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, systems, and other networks to protect your valuable assets. Our courses will equip you with all the necessary skills that are critical in the domain of cybersecurity.


Cyber forensic (Starting soon)

Cyber Forensic and Digital Crime Investigation are branches of digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in digital storage devices like Hard disks, Solid-state drives, Flash Drives, and other evidence found in Computers. This course helps participants to understand the concepts of Digital Forensics and makes them capable to examine digital media with an expert approach, with the latest and most successful methods and techniques with an aim of preserving the evidence and recovering the lost or intentionally erased data, analyzing and presenting the facts and opinions about information recovered from the crime scene.