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Diploma in Construction Management

Arrow Wings Academy QA QC Course for Civil Engineers course provides a systematic skills development and knowledge of QA/QC with international standards including ITP’s QCP preparation, stage-wise inspection, QA/QC activities, and establishment of Project Quality Plan for any projects and NDT.


QS in Civil Engineers

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QS in Civil Engineers

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A QA/QC Engineer is responsible for analyzing and qualifying an organization’s product to make sure it meets quality and manufacturing standards. The engineer will typically work with other engineering teams to identify potential errors in the process or standard and design improvements that could create a more efficient and effective production line. The QA/QC is an indispensable part of any construction project. It guarantees the sound quality of the materials, methods of execution, maintain standards of standards and makes sure work progresses according to it.


  • BASIC CIVIL: Introduction to civil engineering, definition, scopes, branches of civil, important structures, national building codes, Types of buildings, detailed study of cement, steel, stones and aggregates, mortar, cement concrete, timber, bricks, building planning ( site plan, sanction plan, etc.), foundations, masonry, plastering, painting (types of paint), surveying.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Definitions, quality documents, barriers in implementing quality, quality manual, earthworks, pcc and rcc.
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Quality planning, quality implementing, quality analysis, quality review, quality audit, pcda cycle, organization chart, duties and responsibilities, target, communication.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCES: definition, testing of samples ( cement, aggregates, soil, concrete, moisture content) in lab and field , theory of common tests of cement, soil, moisture content, concrete, aggregates, etc.
  • QUALITY SURVEYING: Detailed explanation of estimation of different structures, detailed estimation of residential and commercial buildings ( central line method and short wall and longwall method), roads and bridges, retaining walls, steel truss, steel columns, documentation.
  • PRATICAL LABS : Autocad ( 2D) software ( sanction drawing, other civil structures, ) , Revit (3D) , 3DX MAX