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Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering

This training provides a very in-depth knowledge required for engineers in both welding inspection and piping inspection activities. The theoretical and practical sides of industrial visits are the major point of attraction of this course. Students are provided with a certificate that can be embassy attested which enables them to go abroad. After the completion of the course, they can enter into various designations such as Quality Control Engineer and Quality Control Inspectors which enables them to build up a lucrative career in the area of Inspection.



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Arrow Wings Academy is offering a 3-moth QA QC course. According to current Industrial requirements for QA QC Courses, all engineers should possess multiple talents and specialized in more than 2 technical areas. we all know engineering is a vast and wide topic. And a fresh engineer may not have multiple talents or specialized skills, in order to compete with the present industrial scenario (requirements), training and certification are needed to keep up with current industrial needs


Piping and pipeline engineering

In the Global Oil and Gas Industry Pipelines are lifelines in providing economically reliable means to transport Oil and Natural Gas from Upstream production to downstream refineries power stations and Markets, Crossing nations, Oceans, and Continents. This course introduces the key topics contained in the discipline of pipeline engineering design such as the design of process piping requirements, Pipe design calculations, Flow diagrams and Isometric drawings. This provides in-depth knowledge in a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of pipeline engineering design.

NDT level ⅠⅠ

Choosing an NDT as a career is the best choice available in the current job market. NDT certification allows you to make critical decisions about a component’s integrity. One will have the potential to become your own boss or work for an NDT firm with this qualification. 

NDT has a large scope and its application extends from food processing and export to aerospace and missile manufacture. The best part about NDT is that it guarantees 100% job placement after the training is completed. This profession’s prospects have been quite promising. Countless Level Ⅰ, Level ⅠⅠ, and Level ⅠⅠⅠ specialists are employed throughout Asia and Africa, with substantial financial rewards. Skilled experts with NDT certification have been demanded all over the world globally. 

Welding inspection

Welding Quality Inspectors are needed to inspect welds to be sure they have been performed according to contract requirements and are up to the specific state codes and standards in the industry. The inspector does this by performing visual inspections on the welded steel pieces, as well as testing them for possible defects. The inspector uses specific testing and measuring devices.

Basically, inspectors need to know about everything related to welding. They need to be knowledgeable about applicable codes and how to quickly lookup any section when they need to verify and substantiate that a weld needs to be reworked. They need to know how to engage in nondestructive testing, be cognizant of the terminology applicable to the welding process and how different materials react when combined during the welding process.